Welcome to Raw Motherhood! We are a ministry serving the wildest mothering paths. We exist to nurture you in your experience of motherhood; and we believe that you can successfully grow through what you’re going through. Well mothers leave a legacy of love. We make radical life transformation accessible by coaching and ministering to not-so-typical moms in Arizona and worldwide. As an integrative wellness & life coach, Jennifer Magnano serves her clients with Peer-Mentorship, a 12-Week Coaching Boot Camp, and a Free Global Community for mothers on wild paths.

While we l-o-v-e all moms, Raw Motherhood’s ministry has a focus on those who are walking difficult or different life challenges. Why? Because mothers often forget who they are and whose they are when life gets tough. We are here to “hold an unconditional and loving space” until you are living your birthright as a whole, creative, and unstoppable child of God. As such, we believe that you are capable of far more than you ever could imagine here in this moment. Patient and focused with your infant or child. Attentive with friends and partners. Disciplined and joyful on your chosen career path. Present in your community. Loving toward the body you have been given. Peaceful in your relationship with life.

Choose to see this potential, and the possibilities for our time together are limitless!

Our Ministry & Philanthropy

Well mothers leave a legacy of love. (We’ll say it again!) We work to engage people and communities in a conversation around mindset and holistic well-being. Beyond private relationships, Raw Motherhood makes radical life transformation accessible by coaching and ministering to at-risk mother-child communities (on wild paths and in need) worldwide.

You are invited to contact us to learn more!