My Story

Hey friend! My name is Jennifer Magnano, and I am a former career woman who was called into supporting my tribe after a challenging personal introduction to motherhood. On my path I have had two complicated pregnancies; I’ve been an overcomer of a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder and autoimmune dis-ease; and I am also a late term preemie and special needs (sensory processing disorder) mom. Through these experiences, I have been able to minister to thousands of women through writing and advocacy, yoga instruction, and wellness & life coaching.

My story (and this blog) began in 2010, when God blessed me with my first child. My pregnancy was complicated by preterm labor and the possibility that our son had stopped growing in-utero. A perinatal mood and anxiety disorder jumped on board, just for good measure – and I was an absolute mess.

When my son (I refer to him as Mild here and throughout social media), was born he was a late-term failure-to-thrive preemie who turned our world upside down. Just when we thought we were recovering from the chaos, Mild caught a virus. He was just 11 weeks old.

Six years later, we still don’t know the specifics of what kind of virus it was, despite dozens of tests – but it changed not only the next 18 months of our lives, but my entire path as a human being. From it, Mild experienced muscle tissue breakdown, severe anemia, and acute liver failure. And in October 2010, I held him completely limp in my arms.

When you hold your baby limp in your arms – even if you’re battling a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder – (most likely) everything changes. Life changed profoundly for me. Somehow, he survived. And so did I. As my husband and I moved beyond survival mode on this path, I made the leap from my career path in veterinary administration to mama yogi extraordinaire.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Today, my husband and I have two healthy children; my adventure with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease/ME); an exciting ride with our Wild’s sensory processing disorder; a business; and a ministry. We wouldn’t change a thing.

My days include writing lots, raising two miracle kids, growing new entrepreneurs, and advocating for real and authentic wellness in motherhood. Just this year, I have launched Raw Motherhood Ministry, a social business venture where I presently partner with my clients (alongside their providers, therapists, and doctors) as a personal peer-mentor and work toward community and wellness in my “tribe” with a Christ-centered approach to integrative life coaching. I also run an online support group for wild mothering paths, partner with businesses who serve mothers and children, and overshare on special parenting as a special mom.

I’m so glad you’re here.