supporting (wild) motherhood since 2010

About Us

Raw Motherhood was originally called Mamoga (mama yoga) Wellness. After five years in business as a yoga instructor, Jennifer Magnano recognized that yoga students were coming to the mat looking for more than just the physical and emotional release of a yoga practice. She listened to these women and mothers as they voiced their needs for a coaching relationship: practices, tools, and resources to cultivate, ignite, and restore wholeness, balance, and joy – in the midst wild lives. In their words, “there must be a better way.”

With Raw Motherhood, there is.

While we l-o-v-e all moms, Raw Motherhood has a focus on those who are walking big life challenges. We believe that YOU are a whole, creative, and unstoppable child of God, capable of far more than you ever could imagine here in this moment. Patient with your children. Attentive with friends and partners. Disciplined and joyful on your chosen career path. Present in your community. Loving toward the body you have been given to live in. Peaceful in your relationship with life.

Choose to see this potential, and the possibilities for our time together are limitless!

Meet Your Coach

Jennifer Magnano

Founder, Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

My name is Jennifer Magnano. I’m a Jesus-loving, autoimmune-crushing, perinatal depression + anxiety overcomer, and an SPD wild and miracle mild child mother. I’m the founder of Raw Motherhood, a certified yoga instructor, a paleo herbalist, and an integrative wellness & life coach. In 2010, I decided change fields completely (my prior career was in Veterinary Medicine)! I made this change because of a super wild mothering path. Since pregnancy, I have battled for both personal and professional wellness; I have been the caregiver of a medically fragile child; I have battled my autoimmune disease; and I have parented a special needs child. I was also on bed rest with both pregnancies! Motherhood has changed my life.

On the mat, I came to realize that we are better together – as special moms, special needs moms, and moms in special circumstances. And not only are we better together, but we are also made for so much more than what we’re settling for! Today, I partner with my clients as a personal peer-mentor. I also run a local support group for wild mothering paths, and blog on special parenting as a special mom. I can’t wait to get to know you!

Our Ministry

Well mothers leave a legacy of love. Beyond private client relationships, Raw Motherhood makes radical life transformation accessible by coaching + ministering to not-so-typical moms (on wild paths + in need) worldwide.

We work to provide lifelong holistic solutions for mother-child well-being where money is usually in short supply. Our private client relationships make it possible to reinvest in mothers around the globe — without expectation or assurance that our services can be paid for by those we seek to serve. One out of every five women who partner with Raw Motherhood enter into a coaching relationship at little to no cost.

You are invited to contact Jennifer to learn more!