A Reflection on Gratitude

Take a moment in full awareness. Notice the space within your being as room for growth. Notice the space around your being as inspiration for that growth. It matters not how much we have, but who and what we have and how those beings and objects influence our living. When we are tuned in to who we are and how we want to live, we naturally  surround ourselves with sources that inspire. When we feel dull, as though the world that surrounds us is without light – take note. What is present and what is missing? Is there something that you need? You just might have much more than you realize.

In a dull moment, take the time to give thanks. It is in this moment, you will find what it is that lights you up. Why else would you be giving thanks for these beings, things, and experiences? They bring you warmth and comfort. They share in your joy. They inspire. Count your blessings today, and reap the rewards – not only for yourself but for all those whose lives you touch. You are shedding light into their spaces as well.You are serving as inspiration – food for their growth.

Reflection: How do you share your gratitude experience with those around you? With words or with actions? Do you keep your gratitude within? If so, how could you share it? May your bliss be the bliss of all.

Abundant Peace,


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