Reach Up & Smell the Roses (or Lavendar)

Have you considered combining Yoga with aromatherapy for your practice? After sharing a beautiful practice this morning with some of my favorite Yoga Mama’s and Little Beings, I started thinking. Over the past many years, I have been very actively involved in all things health-minded. But when some of my mama’s started to talk essential oils, a topic that I formerly had much knowledge on, I realized how much I needed a good refresher on some of the basic oils and their usage in and outside of yoga.

Here is a brief, but informative list of a few Maitri Mama favorites: Scent of a Mom. (And, for even more information, as well as the top ten essiential oils, check out: What is Aromatherapy? via the NAHA website.)

Outside of the box: When practicing pranayama (breathing exercises) with Little Beings, try using smelling as a foundation for healthy yoga breathing (inhaling and exhaling through the nose). Soak an artificial flower head in pot or pan filled with 1″ of water¬† and 2-3 drops of essential oil (we use lavender). Let sit for 5 minutes, then air dry. Take turns “smelling” the flower. Praise your child each time they inhale the scent. As time goes on, Flower Breathing can be a wonderful tool to reconnect and recenter both parent and child.

Tip: Feeling stressed? Grab that flower and take a deep, belly breath in! Is your child present? Even better. Teaching our children to recognize, accept, and honor our truest emotions is extraordinarily helpful in developing healthy life skills.



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