My Mommy Needs to Meditate

I’d love to think that one day ten years from now my son will look at me, see that I’m having a tough day, and tell me that I should go meditate. If nothing else, it would be a beautiful validation of him knowing how emotions shape our well-being and the wellness of the ones we love. Just as important as raising an aware child, is being an aware parent. My hope, beyond shaping my sons recognition, would be that ten years from now I will recognize that I need to unwind, breathe, and re-connect to my heart. Some days, it is just plain easy to know what I need as a mother, wife, and individual being. Other days, it’s like looking out a foggy window; you keep trying to see the sunshine, but it’s a bit obscured.

The connection between mind and body is profound. And how easily we disconnect, just as significant. Take a moment to find the mental imagery that would most enhance your sense of peace. You might picture the beach, a flower, a cup of tea and your comfy socks. You might picture you and your child sharing a perfect moment – you’re both smiling, reading together or maybe even baking a cake. For the next few minutes, ground yourself by connecting with this image – be it a place, event, or thing. Take deep breaths as you picture and experience the beauty and bliss.

Tip: If you are with your child, explain to them your emotions and what you are doing (your actions e.g. mental imagery):

Mommy is feeling frustrated right now. I thought that our trip to the grocery store was going to be quick, but there are a lot of people here. We might be late for our playdate.

(Inhale) Did you know that Mommy loves it when we play at the beach? Let’s picture the beach.

(Exhale) What is your favorite part of being at the beach? Mommy loves the sun.

(Continue with deep belly breaths, more aware of your presence and connecting to what brings you peace.)

Tip: If you’re at home, practice your imagery in a quiet room allowing your child to play alongside you. Vocalize your actions and intentions to your child.  New mom? Check out Mommy Meditations.

Reflection: Why does this image promote your inner joy and peace? How could you re-create that image into your life on a more regular basis?

Abundant Peace,


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