Pose of the Week: Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall)

If you’re anything like most beings, you are searching for a way to connect. Or reconnect, depending upon your personal path. Part of this process is  ridding your being of the external stressors and alarmist reactions, that can easily cause an endless chain of passivity. A proactive approach to reshaping this cycle is needed. Yoga is such an approach, a beautiful gift that generously shares with us an ever-evolving preparedness.  Instead of forcing our way, we walk in the world with a gentle awareness, an understanding of the unity of every thing and every being. When we are in tune with our bodies and mind, we are strong in the face of challenges that lie ahead.

Some of this strength comes through the asanas, or postures, that Hatha yogins have shared with us. In one particular pose (with many variations), we become grounded, restored, and reconnected, strengthening and stabilizing body and mind. Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall pose) is one of my personal favorites, enlivening my breath and relaxing my body. Even better, is when I am able to share it will my toddler. Take a peek at this wonderful article on YogaJournal describing the pose and how to enjoy it as a beginner.

Tip: If you are practicing with your child, invite them to try it alongside of you. This is a great shared or partnering pose. Younger babies can be placed upon your chest, encouraging their passive participation (babies soak up all of the calm, positive energy). Older babies, toddlers, and young children can rest on your belly, face up and elevate their legs up onto yours. Helen Garabedian, author of Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers (check it out on Amazon.com), speaks of how a play-based modification of this pose can enhance the quieting of a child’s mind. What could be better than sharing the peace? For added benefit (for you and/or your child), try and focus on the out breath, or exhale as you rest in Viparita Karani. Exhaling helps relieve your body of the stresses it endures on a daily basis.

Reflection: What thoughts or emotions come about when you practice this pose? Does it enhance your practice to focus on the out breath?

Abundant Peace,


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