Give Thanks and Bend a Little

The more room that we give ourselves to bend, the less likely we are to break.

‘Tis the season to spread your life-joy and gratitude to all beings. With Thanksgiving just a few hours away, your awareness may be focused upon all that you must do. If only for a brief moment, take the time to focus on all that you must be. Being is at the absolute center of this holiday. On Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Native Americans stopped to rest. They took the time to be, to unwind and to share their kindness with those who mattered most.

In focusing on all that you must be, you may find that a list begins to form. I must be the perfect hostess, friend, wife, husband, father or mother. I must be intellectually stimulating with just a dash of ingenuity and humor built in to each conversation. Stop. Step away from the ego. All that you must be this holiday season is present. When you are present, the past and the future fade into the background. You are able to give your full love and attention to the beings you choose to connect with. All beings thrive on such presence.

Meditation Mantra

I am loved, accepting, flexible.

Inhale. Be. Exhale. Connected. (Hands on belly and heart) Inhale. Be. Exhale. Present.

As you give yourself the same love, acceptance, and flexibility that you would your child, or any child for that matter, focus on your present breath. Love that you are human. You are imperfect yet exactly who you are supposed to be at this moment, just the way you are. Accept that no amount of anxiety or forethought will change the outcome of the events that lie ahead. Optimism, purity, bliss, and presence just might. Lastly, be flexible. When a challenge interrupts your joy-ride, embrace the shift. The more room that we give ourselves to bend, the less likely we are to break.

Tip: Share your mantra with your child. State your mantra, and then alter it to include them: You are loved and accepted. Together, we will be flexible.

Reflection: What experience of love, acceptance, and/or flexibility are you thankful for? Who are the beings that you shared this experience with? Share with them your gratitude.  May your bliss be the bliss of all.

Abundant Peace, Happiness, and Many Thanks,


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