Pose of the Week: Crocodile Posture

If you’re beginning to feel the effects of a busy holiday season, it’s time to take a moment and create a united front. What better way is there to do so than to expand your yoga practice to incorporate a new yoga pose? The word yoga itself means to unite. Practicing yoga is what allows us the opportunity to unite our body with our mind.  When we are in balanced state, we experience greater bliss. We are are also more peaceful and receptive.

Many beings utilize Corpse Pose, or Savasana, as a relaxation technigque. The majority of yoga classes actually end in this posture. But, there are relaxation poses beyond Savasana that are equally as integrative for body and mind. One such pose is Crocodile Posture:

This is a deceptively simple posture that can deliver dramatic benefits. Relax on your stomach with arms folded on the floor above your head. Similar to Savasana (Corpse Pose), in which you lie face-up, Crocodile Pose allows you to release all of your tension, but because it puts your belly and face to the ground, it can make a socially anxious person feel less exposed and vulnerable. In Crocodile Pose, you can practice yogic breathing (consciously using your diaphragm), which feels both calming and empowering. – Antidotes to Anxiety, Yoga Journal

Enjoy Crocodile Pose at any time that you might need to unwind.

Tip: This is a great shared posture with little beings. With younger babies and toddlers, their observation of a parent or caregiver in this posture will reap great rewards as they begin to associate it with your ability to become or stay peaceful and present. Toddlers may engage in Crocodile with you, or all on their own. Always express your enthusiasm through praise when a little being tries a new pose. Older little beings may find this a soothing activity to share in when they are in need of winding down or just before bed.


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