A Meditation for Peace

Some days, you just need a little peace. But how, in this very busy world, do you find it? For the past few days, I have been working at creating the most peaceful environment possible for both myself and my child. This has not meant that our days have been spent in quiet. Or that the house hasn’t gotten a bit into disarray. Or even that our plans have always gone off without a hitch. What it has meant is a new patience. As human beings, we are constantly creating new communication pathways. (It matters not whether we are a child or an adult.) Part of this process is to learn, and part of it is to teach. Both parts have deep foundation of patience.

It has been said time and again, that we teach what we most need to learn. There is so much truth in this. Our course is guided by what we truly need. So, as I (attempt to) teach my child what peace and patience are, I reflect on my own need to integrate this into my present path.

Meditation for Peace

Today, take the time to be your best self. Find a safe spot for both you and/or your little being(s). Avoid any area with too many distractions, and eliminate excess noise. Quietly sit on the floor in a comfortable, meditative posture. Easy pose (sitting with knees bent and legs crossed at the ankles) can be a wonderful sitting posture. If you have recently given birth, or have any pain or weakness in your core or spine, feel free to lie on your back and prop your legs up at a ninety-degree angle on a chair. To make sure that your legs will be resting comfortably, use of a blanket or pillow between you and the chair may be appropriate.

Breathe in and out through your nose, without concentration. Passively watch your child as he or she moves in and out of your practice. Just be. Allow thoughts to come and go as they please, observing them but not becoming a part of them. At times, your little beings may call for your attention. If possible, meet their needs without leaving your practice. Smile and nod. Graciously accept their offerings – a hug, snuggle, or kiss. Acknowledge their material offerings (such as a book, a cup, or a blanket) with thanks, but without words.

Tip: Try this for 5-10 minutes, gradually working your way up to 30 minutes. Some days you might only have 1 precious minute that you can spend together meditating. Remind yourself that this is all that you need. If you needed more, you would find or be given more time. Be at peace with what you are able to do, always thanking your body, mind, and breath for your practice – and the patience and peace that it bring along with it. Mix it up a little. If you’re craving a change to your mediation, focus your on the AUM Mantra, breathing in and then fully exhaling with the sound of OM.

Reflection: What activity give you the most peace? What passive process?

Abundant Peace,


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