Unwinding & Awareness

It is with a different understanding that I write today. A different understanding of what it means to be a mother, that is. Before I became a mother I was blind to the indescribable bond. I saw the beauty of parenthood, the honesty and purity it required. I saw the faith. I even saw the love. But the connection was not one that I could wrap my mind around. Being a mother myself, I can now attest to this bond. The pure miracle of bringing forth and sharing life connects two beings, connects an entire family unlike any other experience.

It was just a few short nights ago, on one particularly long and sleepless night, that I became so full of fatigue that I could think about this more clearly – this bond and experience. And I could see it more clearly. There was no room at the inn for the usual chatter. Instead, a picture vividly captured my mind’s eye, as my child lay swaddled in my arms. I could feel the energy of our shared connection. I saw that positive energy, love, and light, wrapping around his snug little body, contenting him. I also saw what I was receiving in return, as an embrace is infinite in its capacity. I too was receiving the energy, love, and light. This awareness deepened my presence and patience as we trekked through the hours together.

It also brought to life the why behind our fondness for being close to the ones we care deeply for. Energy. Love. Light. And oftentimes, laughter. When I imagine a pose that might encompass all of these for our little beings, I picture Burrito – a posture that I learned through reading one of Helen Garabedian’s many books on yoga for children. When we practice Burrito, we roll all of the good energy of the day up into our little beings space, while allowing them the room to unwind – letting loose all of the ties and constraints of living in a very adult world.

Practice Burrito today. The perfect time is just before bed. Take a blanket (folded lengthwise), or mat, and have your little being come to the top with their body lying across the mat, making a “T”. With their permission, roll them up like a burrito, enjoying their love and laughter as they fully embrace what it means to unwind. Practice this three or four times, following with individual or partner pose Legs-Up-The-Wall, preparing for a good nights rest.

For our bigger beings and adults, I recommend spending a few minutes on your back doing this same posture without using a blanket or mat. Raising your arms over your head, if it is comfortable for you, roll your body back and forth releasing stress, tension, and excess energy. Also follow this practice with Legs-Up-The-Wall to bring about a beautiful and pleasant end to your day.

Our intention for the week is to walk with greater awareness. Awareness of what we need. Awareness of our surroundings and interactions. We see best when our eyes are closed. Close your eyes; breathe deeply and with intention. Pick one situation or interaction that you foresee in the future and practice bringing a greater awareness. For example, picture yourself washing your hair. Become aware of the bubbles forming, the suds that flow down your face hitting your feet. Enjoy the few moments of serenity that the simple task of showering brings to your life and being. Namaste.

Abundant Peace,


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