Off the Mat: Body & Belly

Today, let’s take our Yoga off the mat and out into the world. A world where we can practice what we feel at our very core. Take a moment, just a few breaths and connect with what it means – the honesty, purity, truth – to open up. Accepting and being deeply alters the shape of our bodies and the shapes we can bend into with our bodies. We know this to be true, as a piece of unused energy in the form of food (even an apple) can appear on our hips;  and a pose of usual comfort can bring us quite dis-ease when we have over indulged just minutes before practice.
Happiness is when what you think,
what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
– M.Gandhi
So, why is it so easy for us to find ourselves in the same spot over and over again? Consider your ability to be accessible. Do you find your mind chattering in the midst of Shavasana (Corspe Pose)? Even more challenging, do you find yourself in personal thoughts while in present conversation with another being? If so, bring an awareness to your actions. Know that your conscious choice to be present is all that it takes… Whether you are looking to shift the shape of your body or bend. 

Practice makes present. Know that Yoga is not about the depth of the bend, but the depth of your connection with the body and life-giving breath that nourished your body and allows you to bend. The next time that you find yourself hungry, see if there are any feelings that you may be holding back. As a parent, as a brilliantly busy being, we can live in a state of great fatigue. Pause. Bend before you break… Your boundaries, that is. Breathe. Loosen up your body and then enter into our pose this week, Ardha Chandrasana, with intention. Find your best belly breath and your deepest opening. Then, ask yourself what you feel. Whatever it is won’t be masked by a meal. 

If your body is truly feeling hungry, don’t deny yourself the pleasure and satisfaction of a beautiful meal. Remember to start with a large glass of water, leave room in your belly for its business (digestion), and enjoy each bite. Be open to whatever your body is telling you. Think of this as a growing experience for your gut – your emotional core.

Consider this: Our mind searches for information from our body to tell us that we are full. Distractions can interrupt this connection. It has been said that certain herbs and spices can seemly enhance this consciousness. In their most concentrated form – as an essential oil, these plants can provide us with the presence we might just need due to the busy-ness of our body or mind. (Learn more about certified therapeutic grade essential oils and their affect on the body and mind.)

Abundant Peace,


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