Take it to the Mat: Cobra Pose & Kicky Kicky Cobra

This week, as we take it to the mat, we walk with deep intention. Cobra Pose has been looked at as quite an exciting journey. With many modifications and expansions, this particular asana brings a lot to the table. It brings so much, that for me to describe in detail the “best” approach for entering this pose, would not do the posture any justice. Fortunately, Yoga Journal has offered not only step-by-step instructions, but a video articulating bhujangasana.

Therapeutically, as you’ll see on YJ’s website, Cobra goes beyond the physical opening and lengthening of the spinal column. It also has the benefit of expanding the lungs. What better time of year than winter to focus on breath! With an abundance of maladies that can afflict our respiratory tract, practice Cobra on a regular basis this winter for an invigorating breath which counters the stale breaths of our typical lordotic (hunched) posture.

Consider enhancing your opening of body, mind, and breath with aromatherapy, one of many tools that can bring about deeper spaces during the winter months. Try this: Place 1 drop of essential oil (peppermint or eucalyptus is wonderful this time of year) in 2 drops of carrier oil (coconut or almond are favorites). Apply to the soles of your feet – the place where your pores are the largest. If you are congested, this dilution can also be applied to your chest.

If you are practicing with a little being: All beings love Cobra! Little beings may start out in Plank, and expand into Cobra. Or they just might jump right in. Once your child has been introduced to this posture (remember to use the demonstrate-then-do technique) take it up a notch. Kicky Kicky Cobra is lots of fun. When your little one in in Cobra, lie down in front of him or her in the posture. Bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are facing the sky. Kick your feet while saying, “Look! Look! Kicky Kicky Cobra!” If your child seems interested, move feet so that he or she is kicking. Repeat, “Wow! Kicky Kicky Cobra!”

Not only can this posture fight fatigue, but with toddlers you may find that your child will assume bhujangasana in a situation where they feel a bit overstimulated. For children with colds or asthma, you can also use diluted essential oils (eucalyptus during the day, lavender at night)  only on the bottom of their feet. Cover feet with socks so that the oils are not disturbed by little roving fingers. Then, using your discretion (are they really up to it?) try Kicky Kicky Cobra with their permission.

May you be open, may you be honest, may you be full of light, and may you be unconditionally loved.


Abundant Peace,


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