Take it to the Mat: Balance

Welcome to a brand-new week.  A clean slate. A full moon. Beauty, blessings, and bliss. The challenges of a busy business and an even busier baby seem to be in balance this week. As a parent, wife, friend, business woman, life can become an intricately woven web of to-do’s. But, as always, taking it to the mat broadens the perspective and narrows the lists. It strengthens the strings and brings an evenness. An openness.

Yes, welcome to a brand-new week. And with it the ability to hold on and let go. Balance is bliss. Acceptance the key.

On-The-Mat: Pick any pose that creates an opening in your mind, body, breath, and soul. Balasana, or Childs Pose, brings with it an opening but also an introversion. Do you need to look more deeply within? Astangasana, Eight Limb Pose, on the other hand opens the front of the heart, releases between the shoulder blades, and deepens the space of the low back. It keeps us grounded, yet offers a gentle freedom. An expansion into a world outside of our bodies – intellectual, emotional, or physical.

Off-The-Mat: I invite you to change your relationship with one person, personal identity or label, situation, attitude, or thought for your practice this week. Pick a soft spot,  a place in your life where you could bring strength through balance. When you find it – make peace with it. Thank this challenge for shaping you along your journey thus far. Then, listen to your intuitive body. What could you do to best recreate this relationship? It could be as simple as spending more time with yourself, being mindful and present during that short car ride home after picking the kids up from school, or even placing down your fork in between bites to enjoy every sensory aspect of eating or sharing a meal.

With Aromathrapy: If you have considered bringing new tools into your practice, the use of essential oils can both strengthen and deepen your love, light, and laughter. Simply placing a drop of Lavender oil on the soles of your feet or at the base of your neck prior to spending time on the mat – or spending time off the mat – can draw your senses into the moment.

If you are practicing with a little being: On or off of the mat, invite your child or grandchild into your practice. Welcome them as they crawl over and under your body. A body that may, at one point, have spent tireless hours growing this precious little miracle. The shared love between all beings is a yoga practice in itself. Grounding and growing. Finding balance in poses and between poses. Breathing in, around, and through. Enjoy each moment, allowing yourself the room to step back and widen your arms… giving yourself enough space to not only hug the ones you love, but to embrace your own being as well.

My you be balanced and open, may you be peaceful and present, may you be full of life-joy, and may you be unconditionally loved.


Abundant Peace,


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