Take it to the Mat: Love

Along our path, we pick up pieces. And, we pick up peace. If we are open to it. All paths align with a higher purpose – to find bliss and knowledge; to exist, to be. When we expand from our self and welcome others onto our path, we also have the blessing of sharing our bliss and knowledge. But first, we must acknowledge that yes, we do exist. We are present. We are willing.

This week brings forth the beauty of Valentines Day. Over the years, I have personally found a deep respect of this holiday. It encourages us to be present. And, while it also encourages us to give presents, there is a non-tangible gift that is available to us as both the giver and the receiver when we are present. Present with ourselves and present with our relationships. See and be seen. Know and to be known. There is nothing that can bring greater bliss than to love.The experience of loving another is truly living yoga. It is a union of body, mind, and breath resulting in a deeper state of awareness. This union is most important for us to experience as a result of being in our own self-worth. Of practicing unconditional love and awareness- maitri – with our own being. Our love of who we are, beyond the ego, comes from connecting with the divine within. Go beyond your mind to experience real love. Bring it to the breath, and take it to the mat.

Wise women over many generations have come up with carefully crafted love potions and spells. Many of them seemed to have worked. Why? Because some of us have been able to rest our mind and follow our heart with belief that a positive outcome was already in the making. Know this: Your outlook is your life.

This week, as we take it to the mat, I will be teaching a class with a foundation in self-care practices that bring forth greater love of self. The Wise Woman happens to be one pose that we will be resting within during our time together. In this pose, we become grounded through our feet and lengthen through our spine. We open not only the front of the heart, but the back of our heart as well. Breathing becomes easier as we engage every cell within our feet to the crown of our head.

  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, toes shifting to point out toward the corners of the room.
  • Begin to rock your weight back and forth over each leg, arms extending out from the sides of your body.
  • Slowly begin to lower your tailbone toward the earth, as you continue to rock.
  • Bring your elbows to the inside of your bent knees, bringing your hands to prayer at heart-center.
  • Elongate from your tailbone up your spine. Feel an opening in your upper back and your chest.
  • Find yourself rooting down through your feet and heels, connecting with Mother Earth. Her love is without end. Her ability to support you, to comfort you should you fall and to rejoice alongside you as you dance in the sunlight.
  • Clasp your hands with your thumbs together, bowing your forehead. With the pads of your thumbs, press above the bridge of your nose.
  • Hum as you rock forward and backwards for a few minutes.
  • Breathe and be.


Tip: While in this pose, be the wise woman. Find the places and spaces within you that need a little bit of extra attention. Bring love and optimism there. And let it linger.

Little Beings: For those of you with little beings, this practice is just for you. We best love others when we have experienced our love firsthand. Shanti.

My you be balanced and open, may you be peaceful and present, may you be full of life-joy, and may you be unconditionally loved.


Abundant Peace,


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