Allow Yourself to Bloom

March 2012: Week 1

To be happy, bring a deeper awareness to your life. Many of us find that the only time we are truly at peace is when we happen to be on our mat. This disharmony between what we want and what we experience can cause some Yoga Mama’s to become frustrated.

Yoga offers a compassionate approach to making simple shifts in how we lead our lives. In particular, how we live off of the mat. Our lives bear great fruit – beautiful experiences – when we allow ourselves to fully blossom. We begin this process, this lifelong journey of wellness, by setting an intention. Then we reflect upon this intention on a regular basis to affirm that we are making gentle movements. Finally, we go beyond it. It being the mind. Making observations, we forget the mind-made impulses to find misjudgments or poor choices in our transformation. Instead, we connect to our authentic self.

Set an intention. An intention is a higher goal. It is birthed from our heart. It is attainable and will bring you more beauty and bliss in your life. Set on a positive foundation, an example is: I will spend more time being present. (It is not, I will spend more time being present because I have been neglecting x, y, and z.) A positive outlook will bring a positive outcome.

Reflect. With your mind, explore how your journey advances or regresses. Each day will be very different. Know that when we are aligned with our higher purpose, the road is made easier. To force is not to be.

Go beyond it. Observe what is. Then, become what is by being – and staying – in the moment. Try a flower meditation. One-pointed concentration (dharana) slows down the thinking process, clearing the path for greater clarity.

To practice this meditation, place a single flower in a vase where you can spend time with it and it will be undisturbed. Gaze at the flower, noticing the color and texture. Bring your awareness to the edges and expand toward the center of the flower. Broaden your vision, taking in the flower as a whole. If and when your mind wanders, gently bring yourself back to the beauty before you. Then, when you are ready, bring the beauty within you. Picture the flower moving into a space within your heart. Living there. Radiating out. There are no flaws in creation, no imperfections in a flower. It is made as it is meant to be made. If there is a time when you feel imperfect, picture this flower in your heart. You are made as you are meant to be made. Connecting to our heart center, we make better choices. We have a clearer perception of the beauty within that has the opportunity to radiate out. Focusing on the heart center, you will naturally gravitate toward thoughts and actions that support your intuitive self, your true Self. Tip: Share your meditation with your child(ren). Allow them to share in your experience as together you observe the flower. Meditation doesn’t mean silence, it means stillness. Stillness of the mind – if your body must move, follow it. Embrace what is.

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  1. Maitri Mama

    March 6, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Yoga Mama’s: Pick a sense – either sight, smell, or touch. Focus on this sense during one daily activity this week. It could be snuggling with your baby, watching the clouds, or feeling water as it runs over your face in the shower. What observations can you make when you are fully in the moment?

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