Sing A Little Song

March 2012: Week 2

To find your inner voice, use your outer voice. We vocally engage with our loved ones on a daily basis – we communicate and calm. We grumble and grunt. We laugh. Even the sound of our sigh is a form of expression. We use these tools most often to share,to help, or to be heard. But what if we reframed not only the use of this tool but who we use this tool for? There is a mutually beneficial quality of service to self and higher Self. It expands into the world around us; it can be felt by all.

The practice of contemplative meditation, or bringing mindfulness into thought, can be a wonderful healing tool. Try it: Concentrate on your breath. Breathing in and out through your nose, notice that each inhale carries the tune of So and each exhale Hum. To hear this, forcibly exhale through your nose. The vibration of your breath against the back of your through will create this sound of Hum. The mantra So Hum is a gentle reminder that you are who you are. It is a song of being, translated as, “I am that.”

The So Hum meditation is one that can easily be integrated into any activity. While it would be wonderful to settle down onto your mat in Sukhasana, or Easy Posture, and fully find peace and presence in just one moment of being, you can also create this peace and presence while doing. (A must when sharing the yogic-joy with little beings.) Taking a short walk, in your home or enjoying some fresh air, add this mantra into your activity. With each inhale hear So, either internally or externally. With each exhale, find Hum. The externally-voiced Hum can be a wonderfully soothing sound for both you and your little beings. Tip: For babies and children that enjoy being held, the vibrational qualities foster connection, communication, and calm.

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  1. Maitri Mama

    March 16, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Yoga Mama’s: Practice So Hum when you are feeling particularly “unpresent” this week. How does it make you feel emotionally? physically? mentally? If you’re able, share your experience. We’d love to hear from you!

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