Think Big

March 2012: Week 3

If you must think, think big. How big? It’s well-known that what we think becomes what we feel, what we feel becomes how we behave, and how we behave becomes what we create. To further simplify this cycle, thoughts become our present moment and impact our future. It’s a pretty powerful process, with a wider reach than meets the eye.

When thinking big, use thought-provoking questions.

Is this thought…

  • TRUE?
  • KIND?

Aligning our thoughts with our expectations (what kind of outcome would I like from this?) can make or break a moment, day, week… even a lifetime. The energy that we put forth into the world is the energy that we can expect to live, love, and laugh within.

So that next time that words tumble down from your busy head, and linger in your mouth – bite your tongue. What kind of outcome could these words create? Will I be bringing more beauty into the world? Shedding light on important things unseen? If not, maybe there is no need to begin or respond. Maybe it is better to just be.

Tip: Share the wealth. Along your journey of thinking big, also think small. What little things speak to you, sparking positivity and light in your mind? Acknowledge good choices of thinking and doing in yourself and in others. Particularly in the ones you love. Little beings can offer wonderful perspectives on the world. Honor their voice, and ask them how the words they have spoken make them feel. Along this journey, remember to extend this unconditional love of others to yourself. Give yourself permission to be human. Give yourself permission to learn through living.

Think big. Be happy. Shanti

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