Take it to the Mat: Flow

In life, there is a balance of Yin & Yang. Of being and doing. It is the focus of my life’s work. It is the inspiration of my teaching and my learning. It is the inspiration for the love, light, and laughter of my living – of being alive. The body and the mind cannot coexist in an unbalanced state. One will take over if the other is unhealthy. We cannot subsist on being alone, because it would leave our bodies undernourished – no food, no water, no physical love – a hug or kiss. We also cannot survive or thrive if we only do. Our bodies become overused and underappreciated. Our intuition and clarity ceases to be heard, seen, or spoken.

Yes, there is a flow to it all. A flow to life-creating and sustaining breath. The breath is the piece that unites the body and the mind. The eternal sound of OM, a piece of the bigger puzzle. When we settle down on the mat, we come into our deeper wisdom. Knots become untied. We loosen our grip on the weights we’ve been carrying. In flow, there is freedom.

This freedom sounds as though it should be easy. Once you’ve found the flow, the balance, you’ll be in living perfection. But, everything in life changes. Change is the most dependable and least tangible article of this journey – your journey. If you can rely on nothing else to put a pebble on your path, lean on, learn from, and live with change for a while. Embrace it. Face it with a healthy mix of fear and faith. Fear coming from respect of the highest power, and your higher purpose. You may confront places along your path that align differently than you had pictured. And in that case, it just means that it was your picture. Not The Picture. Faith is the best guide as you walk, bumble, and stumble along the way. An inner illumination. When you finally connect with the knowing that all will be as it is meant to be, the flow returns. The freedom returns. When life seems balanced, be still and listen. Amongst the breeze you will hear the words: This too shall pass. Yes, embrace it. Then, breathe into it.

This week, find some stability within the flow. A place of centeredness and spaciousness. A place where there is a bit more evenness, if only for a moment. For calmness and strength, a variation of Energy-charging Mudra is a wonderful tool to stimulate this connectedness, balancing internal and external. It is being while doing.

  • Make two fists, with your thumbs out.
  • Place one fist on top of the other.
  • With fists at elbow height, sit and breathe deeply here.

Tip: If you feel that there is a pebble in the path, embrace it and come back down to solid ground. While we all want to enjoy the flow, there are reasons why we aren’t given it – and there are reasons why we have yet to create it. Take the time to connect with thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are disharmonious with your flow. How might you better yourself and others by fully “going with the flow” and living in a changeable, flexible, permeable state?

May you be balanced and open, may you be peaceful and present, may you be full of life-joy, may you be unconditionally loved, and may you find strength in the softness.


Abundant Peace,


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