Take it to the Mat: Moving On Up

This is a holiday weekend for many. A weekend of both sadness and joy. A weekend that allows us to connect with the foundation of our belief system, the foundation of our being, and the foundation of our interconnectedness with other beings. What better time than now to start something new, while we linger in our roots? What better time to move from an old place or space that no longer serves you, and add some spring into your step?

Honoring the darkness and the light that is YOU, take a moment to reach down, dig deep, and prepare to move on up. A simple way of reflecting on this movement from Earth to Spirit is taking the time to visualize what sits in each of our energetic centers, or Chakras, which are physiologically the places and of our endocrine system:

We begin by living a life that sustains us physically. We grow roots, we connect with all that Mother Earth supplies us. Then, we find ourselves as woman or man. We learn about creativity and spontaneity, bending before we break. Our life begins to take on emotional wellness. We move into power, building a knowing and respect of self. Our intelligence develops. We find ourselves discerning love.  Unconditional and infinite in its wisdom. Growing into better communicators from this wisdom, our relationships become deepened – with self, Spirit, and other beings. We come into our intuition, and inner wisdom. And finally, we reach our crown – The Crown – knowing and honoring God, the source of all love, light, life, and laughter.

As you look at this path, notice where there might be room or in what areas there might be some constriction. Breathe into it. Welcome it. Give it permission to be nurtured. It is in our nature – particularly as women, mothers, or parents – to nurture. Sow the seed and help it grow good, strong roots. And whenever there might be some disharmony, go back to where it all began… Shanti.


May you be balanced and open, may you be peaceful and present, may you be full of life-joy, may you be unconditionally loved, and may you find strength in the softness.


Abundant Peace,


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