Take it to the Mat: Service

What does it mean to be of service? Are we giving? Or are we receiving? Most often, we rest in the belief that being of service means to give. And, while this may make the most logical sense, it lacks common sense. When we give to others, we are slowly depleting our own body, mind, and spirit. We can give only until we are barren; there is no fruit left on our branches and there is nothing left to give. Then, we sit in our hollowed state and wonder – what next? Why I am in such great pain – physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually? The answer is simple. Being of service to others, means that we must also be of service to ourselves.

Ouch. Many a mother, a nurturer, may grimace here. Wait, I care better for others when I care for myself? Yes, sweet child of Mother Earth. You do. Each time you look at the face of the ones you love, each time you place your hand in anothers, each time your heart beats boldy as your instinct to save the world kicks in, stop:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror. Look into your beautiful, God-given eyes. What do they speak? The eyes are the window to your soul. If your soul needs rest, your eyes will kindly tell you. If you are experiencing pure joy – and have plenty left to give – they will also tell you.
  2. Place your hand in your own. Nourish yourself. Even if you see that your cup runneth over, take the time now to give thanks and to create a support system or plan of action for when your cup is empty. A simple reminder in your calender or journal may suffice. Or you may have a wonderful friend or partner who may be able to be your lookout, noticing the need far before you will.
  3. Listen to your heart beating. Be present and thoughtful in your service. Experience the joy that you are sharing. Maybe take your hands and cover your ears to really hear each beat – this is your life, your love, your light. Deepen your breath. Breathe in the joy. Imagine each life you have touched touching you.

In all your giving, may you always give back to yourself. We have created a new forum on LinkedIn to nurture the nurturer’s – particularly those who wear many hats. We hope that you’ll join us as we foster a greater acceptance for whatever life may bring.

May you be balanced and open, may you be peaceful and present, may you be full of life-joy, may you be unconditionally loved, and may you find strength in your softness.


Abundant Peace,


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