Mamoga = Mama Yoga

It’s taken us a bit of time (and lots of good energy) to get this blog where we want it to be, but here we are! If you’re searching for the original blog or our very first sharing site (from the heart of our founder to your eyes – and hopefully on to your heart) please use the links above to check them out! Our first sharing site has lots of yummy recipes and more than a bit of background about where Mamoga came from. Our original blog has a many wordy ways on why the mat is the place to be (and to go).

And now we are here. Mamoga was birthed after the birth of a sweet baby boy, who happened to be pretty sick for some time. After spending my daytime hours working, and nights tending to a little one, I decided that my limited time on the mat needed to expand. And, I needed to share the tools that I found there with other nurturers. Beyond nurturing ourselves, nourishment through yoga is just what we all need. But how?

Yoga is more than just what we do through mindful movements on the mat. It is how we interact, act, and react to every single beautiful moment we are given. While you may not have time to step onto the mat for an hour each day, you do have the time to breathe. Where there is breath, there is life. Where there is life, there is love, and where there is love, there are infinite possibilities. Here, at, we’ll be sharing the infinite ways that yoga can become a part of your life as a nurturer – woman and/or mother – both on and off the mat.

Today, we welcome you to our Yoga Family. We thank you for nurturing others – as a woman and/or as a mother. And we wish you the abundance of light, love, and laughter necessary for survival (and thrival) as the core of wellness within your family.

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