Begin Anew, Today

Let me begin by saying, I am one to welcome the quality of my days over the quantity of them. It has taken many stumbles over many rocks for me to find this place of being here now, and I give thanks for each stone. In finding nourishment and union of body, mind, and breath within the semi-permeable boundaries of each day, I have learned that there are many tools that allow us to begin it mindfully, and to have the experience extend throughout the hours.

Today, I share the words of another individual, merging them with my own learned tools of awakening. Derek Franklin pieced together a beautiful “Daily Success Routine.” The following are his seven steps, with a bit of commentary from Mamoga!

Step One: Calm Your Mind. You’re going to begin by clearing your mind of any thoughts that might be stressing you–such as unpaid bills, and argument you had with a co-worker the day before, a difficult conversation you need to have with your spouse, and so on. You want to calm your mind in order to be able to focus on the rest of the process.

M – Mindfulness through mantra: Two words: so hum (I am that). Inhale repeating the word so, and exhale with hum. A soothing mantra for any busy being, these simple words share the profoundly deep connection we have with the entire universe. We are all interconnected, divinely the same, yet expressed so differently.

Step Two: Express Your Thanks. Get your mind to focus on things that you have to be grateful for. This step will help you to move your attention away from what’s not working in your life, and toward what is working. In addition, it will help you to further calm your mind.

M – Gratitude is an attitude: I believe Oprah began the idea of creating a Thankful Five in your gratitude journal each day. Writing it down will help reinforce your relationship with the people, places, situations, and things that you are thankful for. But, if you don’t have time, skip the ink and paper. Share your gratitude out loud while you are in private, or take a leap of faith and offer your thanks in-person. Now, you’re not only beginning your day anew, but his or hers as well.

Step Three: Read Something Positive. You want to learn something new every day. This can be something that motivates you to act, something that teaches you a new skill, something that gives you a new perspective, and so on. By doing this you’ll be growing a little each day.

M – Reflect: It’s as simple as reading through your Thankful Five from a previous day, or reflecting on a new quote. Open your sacred reading to a new page, or hit up your cell phone Technology allows us to have anything and everything that we might want or need to be right at our finger tips. Use your perusing for your self-health.

Step Four: Write Your Discoveries. Spend a few minutes writing about what you learned in the previous step. You can also write down any ideas that you may have on how you can apply some piece of knowledge that you’ve acquired, the steps that you can take to achieve a particular goal, or you can write about a specific action that you plan to take on that day in order to improve your life.

M- Honor the present moment: You may not have the time to write – at least not all in one sitting. Beings, big or little, or bosses may have other requests of you. Give thanks for being needed. Write what you can write, ponder what you can ponder. Breathe into your discovery. Brevity is still bliss. Come back to the writings or ponderings at a later time, when life allows.

Step Five: Review Your Targets. Targets are things such as your mission statement, your goals, what your perfect day looks like, what you aspire to be, and so on. If you don’t review your targets on a regular basis you can lose track of what you want to do with your life. In addition, constantly reminding yourself of your targets will help you to move toward taking action in order to reach them.

M – Presence makes perfect: Without getting pulled into worrying or regrets, look at the present moment. What does it have to offer? This moment has limitless possibilities. Embrace them.

Step Six: Watch Something Inspirational. Find a video online that moves you, and that makes you feel good, and watch it daily so that it will have an emotional impact on you.

M – Look outside: You don’t need to go any further than bringing your vision outward. Every day there are thousands of moments that go by without us even noticing them. Outside your own body (and within it) are tiny miracles. Pick one. A bird in flight. A baby smiling. A breeze whispering through the trees.

Step Seven: Blast Off. When NASA launches a rocket, they have a term that they always use, such as “We have lift off”, or “Blast off”. When a sports team is about to go out and play a game, they usually huddle and chant a phrase such as “Go! Go! Go!” Think of a phrase that has emotional impact for you, which is going to push you into a positive state of taking action. Say it to yourself every morning.

M- Pick a personal mantra. Speak out loud words from a favorite author that have meaning. And say it every day. If you’re one of the many beings juggling a multitude of tasks, begin with “I am enough.” Know that whatever you have done and will do is enough. You are giving it – life – your all. Explore creating a personal mantra with little beings.

As soon as you’re done with Step Seven, make sure that you begin to work right away on one of your high priority tasks. Instead of reading your email, watching the news, reading the paper, or going on Twitter, create something or produce something of value.

M – Remember, a smile is worth a thousand words. So, when you are considering what you are producing, what will be of value, start simple. It may be cleaning the house, putting away laundry, cooking a breakfast, clothing a child, or driving to work. These are all valuable tasks.

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