Movement Means Medicine

Yes, I mean it. It IS medicine. Now, don’t go on tossing out your prescriptions right this moment. But please do take this into consideration: We are meant to move. Once we stop, normal bodily processes stop. Our breathing changes, we form new postural habits. Our metabolism slows. Hormones that create a harmonious environment in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies aren’t secreted. And then the pain rolls on in. Sometimes on a physical level, maybe an injury comes about due to ongoing non-movement. Or perhaps the pain comes in on an emotional or mental plane. We become distraught over the what-if’s and the why’s, stuck in our mind. We feel our emotions only once they have become too big or when the energetic blockage starts to wreak havoc on our relationships.

Though it would be nice to believe that we all come to the mat before this happens, more than likely we’ve landed on our mat because this is happening. We need to move. We need to breathe. We need to release the issues in our tissues. We unconsciously know every thought and emotion is stored on a physical level. Interestingly, so do all other life forms – only they listen more readily. (Maybe it’s the lack of technology.)

Look at any animal out in the world or right under our feet. They know how to stay alive. If they were stationary out in the wild, they would become prey – as stationary humans become prey to the mind. We have the opportunity to live as they do, live by example. Bend and breathe. Bond, with yourself or another. Movement doesn’t need to take away from your life, actually – it should really enhance it!

Your Practice: The next time you hesitate when you are considering whether you have time to move – whether it’s taking a walk or taking it to the mat, picture a puppy. Many of us have experienced the therapeutic value of having or sharing time with a puppy. Puppies know how to move and how that movement mends our slightly broken way of being. A wiggle of a tail, a shake of their bottom, and every face in the room is smiling. Including theirs. But then again, they always smile. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we always smiled? Move more, and it might just happen.

Need Ideas? If you live where the sun shines almost daily, you have no excuse. Get on outside and share time with your little beings or loved ones. Or take some time to yourself – enjoying a long walk or cultivating a home practice. You can meet new friends this way too by going to a yoga class in your community. No sun? You can still move and have fun. Many malls open early! Take a walk with a friend, little ones, or alone. Share in a new class. Or brave the elements and feel the rain on your skin.



  1. Maria Foti

    May 29, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Love the puppy! 🙂 it made me smile,thanks! I am so grateful for my yoga practice,good teachers such as yourself and my essential oils. I would not go a day without applying what I have learned thus far and it brings me peace knowing that I have everything I need” when I take it to the mat”
    and breath! Can’t wait for Goddess to the Core again,it was great!

    1. Maitri Mama

      May 29, 2012 at 7:21 pm

      Whoo-hoo! I’m glad it made you smile. We all need to smile, wiggle, and breathe! Can’t wait for you to be in class again.

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