Are We Peace?

When I teach my parent-child classes, we sing a simple little song that identifies what we have come to the mat to do: To be peace. But what ipeace?

One of the many things that I have learned in my brief existence is that to be calm in your heart, you must be calm in your head. Be kind to yourself. Allow your mind a rest. Open up to the present moment.

Your Practice: At the end of your day, alone or with those you love, write down a single observation of a moment in which you were truly and completely present. What did it feel like? Was your heart racing? Or did each beat vibrate the energy of your whole being? When you wake up the next morning, relive the moment. If you have little beings, share that moment with them both before your head hits the pillow and when you rise again. Savor these times, and watch how this practice awakens love, light, and laughter within your world and beyond.

Wishing you true peace, your deepest breath, and all that brings you bliss.


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