Survival to Thrival: Integrate

It has been two years. First came a fall. And then, fear. But that is over. Now, we must flow.

I must flow.

It still amazes me how quickly a mother, a parent, goes into protection mode. Life becomes about survival. We eat. sleep, smile – all just to survive. If others see our tears, we are vulnerable. And since it is our nature to live, we hide the tears. There is great value in crying. But, I have found that there is an even greater value in smiling. Truthfully, that is.

So today, I share some food for thought. In order to go beyond survival – to thrive and smile, truthfully and regularly. Integrate. Find a way to digest everything. And by everything, I mean every internal and external conversation, every experience, every circumstance and every situation. Why? What we do not digest, we store. What we hold on to unnecessarily, creates disharmony. If I have learned anything in the last two years, it is this.

Practice makes perfect. Okay, perfect isn’t possible – please, always know that you are human. Yet, in your humanness, there is divine. You are a part of it all. The Universe. Our Universe. When you are in disharmony, it affects the flow of it all. You are blocked from your full potential and thus, so is our beautiful world.

Embrace the opposites, for in going between them, you will find a flow. Your flow. Why would you hold onto a frown, when the next minute there might be something absolutely, mind-blowingly beautiful to smile about? It doesn’t serve you. Holding on instead of integrating an experience will only cause you and those around you more pain, more suffering. Yes, you will find your deepest strength in the trenches. But I know not a soul who would willingly stay there when there is a feast only a few feet away.

Enjoy the feast. Allow the brightest sun to create a glow in your entire being. Invite raindrops to cool you. Write down a reflection for any experience, circumstance, situation, or conversation that creates a high or low in your emotional or intellectual body. If words don’t flow freely, find another creative expression, an outlet to aid in the digestive process. Dance. Paint. Sing. Don’t run away from what is, because then it lasts longer. Be in it. Be happy. Be sad. Be.

My wish for you is that the next time you experience something, you will be in it. Fully. Truthfully. And while in this place and space, know that not only are you alive – but you are ALIVE. Growing up and out. Bringing yogic-bliss onto your path and out into the world.

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