Is Your Mind Full?

Here and now, decompress. Breathe. Bend. Be.

A flexible mind is a flexible spine. What can you do today to create flexibility in your mind?

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you?

Practice: Imagine that right in this very moment you can reach right in into the darkest corners of your own intricate web of thought and extract something that will never truly bring you any good. An idea, a memory, a situation, a stray thought that has caused you suffering. Breathe. Bring your hands to prayer mudra (posture) at the front of your forehead. Repeat, May I Know My Truth. Continue breathing here. Concentrate on the center of your forehead, your intuition and third eye. When your mind begins to stray, come back into the mantra, May I Know My Truth. Stay for a few minutes, or longer if time allows.

Little Beings: Often we get busy in the doing. We do what needs to be done to feed the children, as Oriah Mountain Dreamer writes. And while this is absolutely what we need to be doing, are minds may speak otherwise. The next time that your child sets you off-task, come down to the earth with him or her, all of them, and speak these simple words I See You. Add in an embrace or a kiss. Maybe expand into the mantra of knowing one’s truth – is this what needs to be done to feed the children, or is it a want of the mind? Remember, the mind is never satisfied, so look to your heart for true contentment.

Sat Nam.

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