Winnie-The-Pooh’s Yogic Advice

I absolutely adore Winne-The-Pooh. I love how he can smile and laugh at himself. That he can find ways of doing nothing, yet when he does do something it ends up being an act of true and honest love. (Like going back for Piglet when the bees are chasing them, and Piglet falls behind!) I long to be like Pooh – to bask in the nothingness. But, alas I am one of those rare Mama’s who enjoys doing it all. Oh wait, I don’t enjoy it… I endure it. I become completely exhausted by it. And, sometimes I lose sight of what is most important. Then, of course, I resist…. well, everything.

And here I am calling myself a Pooh-loving Mama Yogi!

Yes, dear friends, I do call myself a Mama Yogi – and I plan on continuing to do so. Not out of self-importance, but out of humor and trust. Why humor? I believe in resilience, optimism, and unconditional, loving-awareness. Smiling in the madness, breathing through the shifts and silliness that leave us breathless (I picture Winne-The-Pooh eating a pot of honey after fending off the bees – Yes, he is smiling again!). I believe in self-made choices, healthy and healing responses that can bring us back to the essence of living in joy of our humanness. And, trust? I go with my gut. I feel in my belly, knowing when all that is is as it’s meant to be. When I am fully present, I also know when something ain’t quite right. Instinct is our deepest connection with the universe.  Finally, I believe that being a Mama Yogi means being honest. It means that if I forgot to breathe through it all, I was able to reflect on those moments and laugh. It means that I surveyed what was only briefly and with purpose, to more deeply connect with what can and will be. Yup, yup. I’m still a Mama Yogi.

What about you??

Reflection: The hardest part of living yoga, is uniting body, mind, and breath while there is a monkey (literally) hanging off your back, avocado smeared across a freshly cleaned face, and a sink full of food-covered dishes to replace the dishwasher full of ones that have yet to been cleaned. I get it. This is where we can all really live yoga. Not in seeking perfection in the stickiness, but from in being in it – and welcoming what the moment, day or week has offered (flash to Pooh here).

Practice: Find beauty in each experience, not the mess that needs tending to. It’s all in how we feel our way through it. Don’t think. Breathe, bend and be. For me, a handful of monkey-baby, a messy face and a sink full of dishes isn’t something that I want to want to miss. I want to have the scratches on my shoulders to prove I could physically and emotionally hold my little being. I want to have a dirty face that I can clean and then kiss. I want to cook delicious and nutritious meals for my family… and so there will always be dishes.

Advice from Winnie-The-Pooh: Kindly, get out of your head. Please and thank you.

“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”

Enjoy this food for thought.

Off to gather honey.

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