Hop Along Little Yogi

Hop along. How awesome to be able to hop along.

It’s been a while since I’ve hopped along without reminiscing about the hop that changed it all. And it’s also been a bit since I’ve run a race. About four years and four months since my feet hit the pavement without a weariness or worry. During this time, I’ve moved twice – once across state lines. I’ve gotten married, adopted a pup, changed jobs, worked hard, changed careers, had a baby, went back for a second degree, had my baby get sick, helped him get better, trained in yoga, got sick, opened my own business, and got better… both mind and body. (Please note, I take no responsibility for any exact order of the preceding, with the exception of getting better coming last and most recently.)  In between each hurdle, I barely caught my breath. Now, I breathe. Freely. (How awesome does this feel? Yum.) And finally being on what seems to be more stable ground, I hop and I run. Yes, this weekend I did run. A race, at that.
One year, less four days, from a day that reshaped our world. Two years, less seven days, from the day we went to three. Three years, less three days, from the day I made the big leap from me to we. July has always been a time of busyness. Though, of a different kind this year. Yes, this summer a new chapter begins.
In every joy and bright smile that enter my being as I stretch into this new space, I have not a doubt that yoga created this. The open places within my body to move and within my mind to wiggle and giggle beyond all fears. There is no greater fear that I have experienced than the ones that crept into every cell last summer, blocking the fluidity of living. But that was then. And this is now. I love now. A freedom in me unlike any other. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, I’ve lived it. It is over. There is no game plan moving forward. And there is nothing to hold me back.
Nothing. Saturday, I ran. I for Jamie. I ran for me. I ran for mothers who have left this beautiful earth and those who are still here. I ran for life and breath, in pure gratitude. I ran between the lines of what has been written and into crisp, blank and brilliant pages of what will be. I ran with my happy, healthy baby sitting in his stroller as his mama’s happy, healthy feet hit the dirt.
There is no better feeling than that of living in resilience and grace. Each step we take is an opportunity to hop along or hesitate. Today, I offer up an open invitation to hop.
Sat Nam.

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