Bottoms Down

This one’s definitely for the meditation garden.

When the going gets tough, the tough sit down.

Do sit. Why? We all need a break. And we all thrive best when we take the time to ground ourselves. Connecting our sitbones into our mat, the dirt or grass, we come down from the whirling and twirling. We find that our bellies are able to fill more fully with vital air and we nourish our entire being. We find that our minds empty and we become more childlike. Wonder, awe and excitement course through our veins. We remember that we are alive, whole and happy.

Don’t overthink it. We tend to beat ourselves up over taking a break. But it is the break that allows us to bend. Think of it this way: Many of our parents told us that we were “grounded” at some point in our youth. What would have happened had they asked us to “ground ourselves” instead – in the sense of taking our bodies to the earth, connecting with the present moment, reflecting, being and breathing? The outcome most likely would have been more substantial. Maybe a bit less anger or frustration and a lot more love. For others and ourselves.

What you haven’t learned as a child, you can as an adult.

What you haven’t learned as a child, you can share as an adult.

Hmm… yogic food for thought.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.

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