Own Your Attitude


This entire day will be different because I practiced. Because with head lain on mat, I breathed. Because with smile on my face and in my heart, I stretched beyond carefully created boundaries. I linger here. Life is about possibilities. It is about stretching and breathing and bending and smiling. Yes. A life is best lived in the opportunities of the challenges. I know this and with divine will, work to live this.

A pause.

This week, a tiny hand wrapped it’s sticky fingers around my own. And beneath my lids, tears welled. In part from the beauty of unconditional love and trust within this bond. In part from nauseating pain of stretched skin over achingly rounded joints now tightly compressed. I smiled. Yes, I believe that pain too is but an opportunity. My choices are better and more simple because of the rocky road I bump along.

I happily sigh.

Today, I encourage you to own your optimism. Find the moments that stretch you. Allow them to bring about beautiful opportunities to heal your aching body, mind, or spirit in ways that never seemed possible.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.



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