Captured by Expectations

More often than not, I awake each morning to hear grumbling from a room down the hall. A little person, a joyful little monkey begins to rise. And when he does, another day begins. On the rare occasion he wakes of a bit later, there is a pull within my belly to peek into his room. Is he there? Is he okay?

A person is only as peaceful as the thoughts within her head. It matters not how quiet or clean the house is. It matters not the conversations had with family or friends. It matters not the schedule of the coming day, or week or month. No, the mind is where peace is found, when nothing else lingers.

This morning I awoke, lying within the murky waters of sheer exhaustion from staying up late to get inconsequential “stuff” done. While there was no point in doing so, there were expectations had. I barely sat to rest in an entire day. Cooked. Cleaned. Organized. Time spent on my mat was too early in the day to have as great effects as were needed as one day trickled into the next.

Oh, bother. (How I love you, Eeyore for giving us two simple words to define surrender. Yet, mine is not glum.)

To be whole – body, mind and breath – is to be human. When I falter, crumble, tumble or fall, I come back to this. I hope that you will too. Being human is absolutely beautiful. When we recognize our mortal existence and the hands so easily injured that co-design our course, our path, expectations can be put aside. Life can be lived to it’s fullest.

So here I suggest, expect not the unexpected, but nothing. Be present, and see where today might lead.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.



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  1. Keya

    August 27, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Beautiful post. If only I can remember to just be and expect nothing in my busy days!

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