I Choose Love

It was a simple walk in the woods. An anxiety rose to the surface, like ducks breaking water mid-bath. I’m walking alone. Though I rarely watch the news, and prefer living a blissfully unaware lifestyle,  I know that “stuff” happens. If only because my adoring husband shines the light “there.”

Yet, within the tension, alone still felt so, so good. So my walk continued. I paused along the dirt road and imbedded my intention into the sand with a stick. A wordless prayer was sent out into the unknown and Mother Earth. Breath, clean and cool, filled my nose. Expanded my lungs and belly.

It was there that a mantra formed. By the lake, in the woods, alone – yet so very not alone.

There are two choices when you walk any path: apprehension and fear or… love. I choose love. I will choose love.

Happy sigh.

Can you imagine what life might look like if we chose love in every word, breath, thought or action? At one time, I was not able to fathom this. Now, on more days than not, I do walk this – live this. Yes, beyond living everything – my mantra for the past two years since the illness of my sweet miracle – there is loving everything.

How will you walk you path?

Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.



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