For such a short time we hold them captive in our arms.

Breath becomes breath.

Wake becomes wake.

Sleep becomes sleep.

And then they grow.

Held captive in our hearts, we must learn to nourish them without breast or bottle.

But with wisdom and words.


Presence and peace.

Honesty and vibrancy and passion.



And most importantly, acceptance.

What our babies learn at a distance from us is the unconditional love that they carry with them out into the world.

It is because of this that we must not fear their growth and change, but embrace each moment.

For what we send out into the world – beauty and bliss and blessings – will come back to us tenfold, nourishing us in our walk forward.

Permitting us less need to look back out of mourning, but instead out of joy.

-Jennifer Magnano


Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.



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