Families Connect While Getting Healthy

Heart filled with life-joy, I entered the bright and spacious room on Sunday afternoon at Fuller Yoga. A room completely filled with beautiful smiling faces. Faces of many that had never spent time exercising, let alone practicing mindfulness alongside their family members. While my heart smiled, my soul sung of a mission worth sharing. The mission that myself and Karla Kress-Boyle collaboratively wrote out, aided by purely divine inspiration.

We share yoga, dance, creative movement and meditation on and off the mat in communities – communities full of women, mothers, children and families seeking strength and self acceptance. Seeking nourishment for their souls. With quiet minds and slightly more limber bodies, family after family finds a new place and pace in the world as the busyness stops. At least the busyness inside of the mind. As Deepak Chopra has stated, busy is okay. External movement is necessary. It’s the ability to find the stillness within while there is chaos outside that is also necessary.

As a mother of 1.5 children (the second due this spring), I know and live busy. And while I don’t glorify busyness, I don’t completely avoid it either. It’s the price we often pay to share our lives with others. Moving from one activity to the next, I look forward to the experience. If there is anything that I teach my students it is that through movement, we can experience silence. We can experience serenity, kindness and joy. We can experience true bliss. As long as there is space for breath.

This winter, as you walk your path be sure that there is space. For that space will change everything from your thought patterns to your actions. And for those who aren’t quite sure where that space will be found, I invite you to come share love and life with myself and Karla as we teach classes for Mothers, Toddlers, Kids, Tweens and Families across Connecticut.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.



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