You, Your Family & Yoga

Oftentimes, women, caregivers and mothers come into the practice of yoga when it finally “fits” into life. Kids are grown. Career is established. Sudden illness. Parent’s have passed. It is only once they hit the wall of realization – realization that they haven’t the village desired, required and deserved to support them through each and every life experience – that two weary feet walk to the mat. There a yearning is finally fulfilled. A place without judgement. A place of support. A place to cultivate new relationships… with both self and others.

What no one told them, and what Mamoga speaks of, is that there is the potential to avoid hitting that wall. We serve others best, when we have served ourselves first. Imagine not having tasted the meal you are about to share with family and friends. While we hope that it will meet their expectations and needs, we aren’t quite sure. The same happens when we tend to those around us in other ways, allowing our own well to run dry.

Living yoga – the unity of mind, body and breath from the mat and far beyond it – is a choice to self-nurture. It is a choice to say, “I count,” not only to yourself, but to every person you meet. Then, you will have something to offer, and will begin to cultivate relationships that offer you something in return. Quite possibly, nonjudgement and support. It takes a village to live this life. So, share this journey. And set the example for our youth that self-care practices are where living a peaceful and present life begins.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter.

Sat Nam.



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