Inspire Another Mother

It’s been over a year since Jamie left our world. Yet, her departure continues to serve as inspiration – just as so many of life’s events tend to do.

When I created Mamoga, my business and my middle child (yes, at times her wants seems to get “ignored” because of the high needs of my sweet monkey toddler and precious new miracle), I knew it had a rock hard foundation. I almost lost that sweet monkey when he was 11 weeks old. And my pregnancy with him? Calling those two experiences caustic puts it lightly. The experiences bore a hole into my soul. And where that hole sat, a seed was planted.

As a woman who never wanted to be looked at as such (I preferred to be one of the boys for many years, until a wonderful friend taught me how fabulous it could be to be me), I often lived a reclusive life full of dreams. Aspiration with limited inspiration. Then I had Ryker. Then I got sick. Then Jamie passed. From each dance with life my reason for being – for letting, loving, and leading – grew. The seed germinated.

Then I had Teagan. A first bloom appeared. A perfect birth. A healthy baby. And so, the journey continues. The journey of mothering babies and business. The journey of giving and receiving. Of serving others, by serving self. Motherhood has served as my inspiration. My experience of it, the experiences shared with me, and the experiences cut too short.

Life is short. We are here for a reason. What if the only reason is to inspire? To support another mother, nurturer, or woman along her path? In the words of Maya Angelou, “we are more alike than unalike”.

What serves to inspire you? Who has impacted your journey? How do you share this inspiration with the world?

Join our mission to inspire another mother.

Think less.
Be more.
Grow bliss.
Be bliss.

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