Movement as Medicine

This week in July is a busy one. Four years ago I married my husband. Three years ago I gave birth to the soul sent here to reshape mine. Two years ago I injured my back so severely that I had to learn how to walk again. Last year I returned to the workforce, pulling myself out of the deep, dark whole of post-trauma stress.

This year I share life with a new baby, celebrate my marriage and the birth of my firstborn, and honor my body for allowing me to move almost completely freely. Our bodies are like sponges. Each of these experiences, unlabeled in their “goodness” or “badness,” is absorbed. Held onto.

There are a lot of healing tools out in the world, but so few allow the flow and integration of experience in our beings as movement does. Movement targets this cellular memory. Cells remember everything. Everything. Tapping into these simple brain-bodies opens up a whole new level of healing. A whole new level of happiness.

I want you to rethink your approach to whole-self health. Happiness within your physical body is not overrated. It is where every thought, emotion, connection or disconnection with spirit, and experience has manifested. It’s the storage facility. A memory box, as I’ve written above. So today I offer this: what memories are your cells holding onto that you no longer need to carry? Breathe into this. Then, wring out your sponge. Move and be moved… to be more.

Life is forever a balance of holding on and letting go.

Peace & Love,

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