Thank You Universe

An ache settles into my body when mornings begin to be cold. And thus, I embark upon another season of “the battle.” A portion of it all lies within my mind. A grieving for treasured pain-free days. A want of something other than what is. Yet, what is is absolutely perfect. We are never given less than what we need.

It is by the Universe’s grace that I have received this disharmony. Without it, without the pain, Mamoga would not exist. And the studio would not be opening tomorrow. It is. Opening tomorrow, that is.

Without being on this path, my babies would have a different mother. Less present, perhaps. Distant and conditional. I wouldn’t choose to be with them over anything in the whole world. I would speak of escape. But I don’t.

I say it so often, and do so again today: Life is short and breathtakingly beautiful. When you’ve been gifted a disharmony that has made you more present in your body, look at it as a fantastic present. There is nothing so awesome as to be here now. So do it. Be here now. Whatever that means to you.


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