Oh Wonderous Workout

Yes. It’s true. I absolutely love working out – in both a high energy, get your butt in gear way and in the cathartic release of yoga. Isometric postures or dancing around the room, knees high… my high is movement. (And meditation. And of course mindfully eating a meal… or creating something. All of these activities serving to ground.)

But sometimes I forget the pure awesomeness and inspiration of a twirl, dip, or dive. I’m a mother. A nurturer. I never crave “me” time, but I do crave sleep and a meal eaten with two hands. Sometimes, I crave a great big breath without someone asking me if I feel cranky today. (Though, mostly this question posed from a three-year-old makes me giggle.) Sometimes, I crave a downdog without anyone patting my tush too. But then again, one day no one will be patting my poor lonely tush.

What do I love most about movement? That I can still do it. That my chronic pain seems less. That I remember to breathe. (Even if I am being pat.) That for however many moments I dance or prance or pose, I am sending a message to myself, others, and the Universe. I want to be here.

What about you? Do you want to be here? I hope you too will find the empowerment and enlightenment of a body in motion. For once in motion, we are unstoppable. Wholly connected and in tune with what serves our highest purpose. Serve your highest purpose.

Please and thank you. Shanti.

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