Pause and Reframe


There comes a time in life, if even for a moment, that “stuff” needs to be reframed. Imagine an outdated door frame in a newly restored house. Really, what buyer wouldn’t notice that?? The same goes for a body. The outside might look good – or even great – but some of the core, everyday important work has yet to be done.

If this applies to you in your physical body, that important work needs to be done. Sand down those frames. Bust out the primer and the paint. And YES, get to work.

Personally, my work is in reframing through a pause (mercury is in retrograde) and a plan. The pause is simply coming out of the doing, into the being and finding acceptance in this grounded space. The plan is of greater body awareness through evaluating and realigning what is with what could be… without taking away healthy coping mechanisms, as my good friend Dr. Kimble “philosophizes.” In all reality, her point is the most significant TRUTH in reframing. You can’t take out the self-labled “bad” without bringing in something to replace it. So, I have and I am.

Not only am I working on my own Core Beliefs, but also on the presently-embodied results of living a life less centered due to precious little beings. In the next few months, I’ll be sharing this journey with my readership, clients, and the community who can greatly benefit in this process of finding their Inner Strong and WholeHealth through self-love.

Practice: Adapt eating habits that welcome presence into your meal. I’ve chosen to take on an Autoimmune exploration through Vegan-Paleolithic meals. Consider what your plan might entail. Rapid change doesn’t yeild results. Mindful presence does.

Reflection: How can I best pause in this season of sewing the next season’s crop?

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