On Impact: Part 1

I remember the moment of the fall like it was yesterday. My first thought being, “(Explicative) I wasn’t listening.” And then the rest became a blur: doctors, medicine, spiritual disconnection, physical contempt… a family that was suffering and a life that was going unlived. A downward spiral that scooped up others in it’s path, a disharmony and dis-ease ran my life for a good (ugly) six months. And then, sitting in the office of a renowned neurologist, I heard these words, “I think you’re getting better.”

Boom. It hit me. I walked into the appointment believing not that I could heal, but that I couldn’t. I never had a specific diagnosis, no label to read up on. Without being able to define the road, and with many doctors back home questioning a grim prognosis, I had jumped on board the negativity train. On the long drive home from Boston, back to my one year old son, I committed myself to jumping off. I was told that I would survive. Now, it was time to thrive…

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