Ways of Wellness

I love seeing how innocently my children can explore something as simple as a musical instrument, and have no idea the potential of it’s impact.

The power of wholistic ways never ceases to amaze me. The Wisdom that we have within us – on a cellular level from Ancestral gifts – is truly awe-inspiring. When we turn to something (like music or food) to nurture, it’s because that is exactly what it was and is intended for.

Think for a moment. When was the last time that you indulged in dancing in the car? Or ate something utterly, primally satisfying? Most likely, without even knowing it, you were a seeker of The Soothe. The satiety that only can be found when one is full from within. We can only fill up from within to serve our Highest Self in the longest term. External soothes just can’t last.

If we take this knowing hand-in-hand with those that came before us, filling the void has less to do with consumption, and more to do with using the tools that they and Mother Earth have to offer. (Are you sitting here thinking – what exactly DO they have to offer?)

Your Ancestors used plants to heal. Plants as food source and medicine. Your Ancestors used movement to communicate… to communicate within their tribe, to communicate between tribes, to ask for permission or forgiveness, to ask spirits to fulfill a need, to self-express, to be. Your Ancestors used sound in much of these same ways. Your Ancestors used the art of storytelling to share ways of wellness.

Somewhere along the line, the stories stopped. So, these next few blogs will be stories of Ways of Wellness. Ways our Ancestors used, and we can and do still use today. I look forward to embarking upon this journey with you.

P.S. If you’re wondering what happened along our paleo-vegan journey, you can stop wondering! The Soothe was missing… while I found many a delicious food – it was too low carb for this busy mama. I’ll share some of the recipes that did work well in our Ways of Wellness chapter sometime soon – so stay tuned!

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