Go Green (Smoothie)

This week as I embrace Thrifty Fifty, I’m eating even better than usual. After a stomach bug took out my entire family for almost a week, we went a little (gluten-free) carb heavy during recovery! Fortunately, our bodies crave good stuff. It wasn’t long before I had a medley of vegetables hopping in the pan.

It’s amazing to me how like always promotes like. When we eat well, our bodies want to eat well. Why? Because it feels good!!

Shifty Thrifty Smoothie
1 cup green and leafy vegetable (kale, spinach, collards, beet greens)
1 cup frozen berries (blues, strawberries, dried white mulberries, blackberries, rasperries)
1 tbsp seeds (sesame, chia, flax, sunflower)

Try to use all organic plant-foods. Blend away! Enjoy alongside some tasty green tea… and if you’ll be moving a lot, perhaps some gluten-free homemade toast (we’ll post that recipe next).

Tip: While it’s blending, get in your 50 squats for the day.

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