Thanks In Advance

I’m going to be as brief as I can be today. It’s cold and windy, and my hands have an arthritic stiffness that only springs up with spring itself. March and April are windy, chilled and damp. None of which this achey-breaky body fairs well with. Which is why we’re moving to Arizona. Soon.

Speaking of the exciting journey ahead, I had a lovely conversation this week that has given both my husband and I peace in such a scattered time. A new friend – though I feel we’ve met before – offered that we might give thanks for our home already being sold. Profound, right? Time is a concept that only us humans, in our humanness, attach ourselves to. Since that conversation, I’ve been offering up thanks for everything I aspire to in the days ahead – with a limit of three “thanks in advance” (TIA) each day. Any more than three priorities and you’ve got none – a wise person once said.

Today, I give thanks for our house already being sold, for my business being wholly supportive to my family and all those who cross my path, and for my family’s happiness and health. I also have to add that I am extremely thankful for the 5 weeks that 1 year ago began today – during which I was on bedrest with the baby now resting on my chest. Happy, healthy babies are always worth the wait. Always.

So, here’s your challenge… What are your three TIA’s?


Jennifer Magnano is the movement & birth coach and mompreneur owner of Mamoga. She believes in happiness, health, and wealth. Her motto’s in life are “acceptance is bliss” and “we best serve others when we serve ourselves first.” Jennifer is growing simple body bliss (perfect happiness) in women, mother’s, and families across the planet, through holistic acts of self-nurture and products, like that crazy wrap thing. If you’d like to connect, email her today! 

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