Another short (and hopefully sweet) post today!

A lovely conversation with my mentor and friend led me to a pondering… This motherhood thing is TOUGH. Right? You work hard, play hard, clean hard, and somewhere in between the rays of sunshine we’re supposed to still know who we are. Do we? Are we ever really sure who we are once little people come into the picture? I’d like to say NO. No, we have no idea who we are. We have no idea because once we become mothers, we are constantly GROWING with our children. Which leads to endless possibilities!

So, I want to give you permission today to not know who you are. To embrace the present moment. To say, today I want to be a firefighter. And then to wake up tomorrow and want to be the garbage man instead.


Jennifer Magnano is the yoga, meditation, core strength trainer & birth coach and mompreneur owner of Mamoga (check out the facebook life-joy). She believes in happiness, health, and wealth. Her motto’s in life are “acceptance is bliss” and “we best serve others when we serve ourselves first.” Jennifer is growing simple body bliss (perfect happiness) in women, mother’s, and families across the planet, through holistic acts of self-nurture and products, like that crazy wrap thing. If you’d like to connect, email her today! 


  1. Tamina's Turn

    March 24, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    I like the idea of releasing the need to know–if only for a moment– to just enjoy and accept the present. Thank you!

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