I’m up in the middle of the night. Awake. Thinking.

Today, I spent time with a doctor… who spent time with me.

My new rheumatologist actually spent time with me. She explained the pain I’m experiencing, the choices I need to make, and the science behind it all, with such clarity and conciseness. Even coming to her with two small children, she honored my humanness. She welcomed my present experience of life… got that this is my only option, my only want – to fully parent… and shared with me ideas. We co-created my path ahead.

Really,  we did. I feel heard. I feel empowered. After 18 years of pain, I finally understand it

Spondyloarthropy. Entheses. Sacroilitis. Words that don’t define me, but explain my body’s inner workings which impact my outer world. Structure impacts function. This changes everything. Including how I self-nurture.

I urge you this: learn your body to love your body. We are all human. In being so, imperfect. God is good.

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