Love The One You’re With

Just a few weeks ago, our pup popped my son’s first ball. It was a Mickey ball. And this Friday, I have a wrap party. So, why am I sharing this??

Seemingly insignificant, these events represent the Next Chapter. That Mickey ball was the one I bent over to pick up the day my back blew out. My forced-reality check. And Friday’s wrap party? Well, somehow, I ended up connecting with the woman who strapped me to the backboard that day. My EMT. I believe that these two events are reminders of how blessed I am today… to walk, to be here – at home – with my two precious babies.

God doesn’t bring you to something that he doesn’t intend to bring you through. Sometimes, the leaning is just what we needed most. Do you need to lean more?? A fitness journey may start in the physical body, but remembrance of that body as a gift, a temple, is absolutely necessary for long term results.

Today, thank your body for all it can do. Because to love your body, changes everything.

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