90 Days

I just started our 90 day challenge, and right off the bat my autoimmune kicked in with full force. On my miracles 4th birthday. So, tonight I (finally) have a free moment to pause and to reflect on what that means to me.

After thoughtful consideration, I must need to rest more. I must need to be more present, more peaceful, and more joyful. This journey is absolutely incredible. Who would have thought that just 5 months in I would be able to feel as good as I do most days, and be paid to bring that same life-joy and body wellness to others?? Yet, at times, I get caught up in the busyness that can come with running a home-based business. I can forget to pray and praise. I can forget to find the spaces of slightly more ease.

Slightly more ease means not spending countless hours scrolling through facebook each day. 
Slightly more ease means finding specific times to answer emails and messages.
Slightly more ease means finding my mat every. single. day. Even the achey ones. Especially on the achey ones.
Slightly more ease means leaning when the going gets tough.
Slightly more ease means being tough. Doing what needs to be done, without complaint.
Slightly more ease means preparation.

As usual, this means that as I struggle to be the mother, wife, business owner, and compassionate, passionate, energetic being that I want so much to be, I once again also “get” the burden of wearing an autoimmune disharmony. It’s not really a burden. I am learning so very much.

Peace & Love crazy world.


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