Simple Self Care

This has been a challenging week for mama. In an effort to care for busy, sleepless children with colds, I didn’t always care for myself. But, this weekend I am.
Our physical fitness shows us and the world that we are ready for anything. Because we are. When the body feels good, or better yet great, we can best heed the call of our life’s purpose. When I feel best, I can lift my babies and move quickly and fearlessly. Nourishing the temple that we’ve been blessed with isn’t an option, it’s a priority. Especially when we are on the frontlines of nurturing others.
Back to chatting about those pesky colds. Here’s a home remedy tool kit for you to have on hand:
-2 oz container sesame oil with 1-2 drops roman chamomile, apply a few drops of mixed solution to nasal passages * I personally use this with my kids too
-homeopathic zinc (read labels; some remedies have multiple ingredients that are not the right fit for everyone)
-oregano oil to dilute with coconut oil and apply to skin * I apply certified pure therapeutic grade oregano behind my ears and on the soles of my feet
-greens diluted in 16 oz water * It Works Greens are all the fruits and veggies you could ask for to support the immune system

For those of us walking chronic autoimmune, it’s extra important to check labels and identify remedies that don’t illicit a reaction. It’s equally as important to rest. Everyone should rest. Autoimmune or not! Rest equals greater fitness, as the body self-heals.
Remember, you are a priority. Be the best you that you can be. Find your life-joy.


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