Superfood Greens Reboot

It’s a brand new day, let’s treat it like the gift it is!

This was my first thought of the morning. After reading about Spoons. I’ll have to share more about that at another time. (A pretty profound perspective on life with autoimmune.) It was my first thought, because of Spoons and because I’m presently working on reorganizing my response to chronic pain. From my non-scientific evaluation, I’m finding that anger doesn’t work so well. Prayer does… but often it’s hard to get into the right frame of mind to “kneel.”

Last night, I was finally able to pray. A lot. After 2 days of this new reboot, I believe that a lifestyle shift most certainly contributes to our Divine connection. When we take the time to nurture, we take the time to recognize that we are human. Beautifully so.

On to the reboot!

The Superfood Greens Reboot last for 3 days. I highly suggest that if you choose to do this for longer, to add protein (lean) at dinner in lieu of hummus, if you can. I’ve been a little bit hungry later at night. (This is not unusual for me!)

Every day should begin with a full glass of room temperature water, or lemon water. ¬†End your day with some hydration as well. It’s proven to prevent all sorts of nighttime distress (other than having to use the bathroom – which isn’t such a bad thing)!

  • AM: Start with 2 Relief, 1 Thermofit, Profit Smoothie with raw cacao, maca, and sunflower seeds
  • Snack: Greens mid-morning
  • Lunch: Salad with lean protein, 3 Its Vital Core Multivitamin, 1 Thermofit
  • Snack: Greens mid-afternoon (double up if super hungry or energy is low)
  • PM: Tapas of olives or avocado, veggies & homemade hummus (2 T.), Fat Fighters

Maca can also be substituted for mesquite powder. Both are packed full of natural, raw phytonutrients!

Happy Reboot!!

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