Water Aerobics

I’m – by far – the youngest swimmer in my water aerobics class. Yet graciously, these amazing men and women accept my presence. After I explain myself, of course. I mean… really, why would a 29 year old woman (who looks pretty healthy on the outside) take a water aerobics class?? Secret: It’s the inside that counts. And that is the truth!

On that note, I’d like to pose the question: What can those around you not see? Would your life be easier if they had a visual??

Back to chatting the water! Here are my three favorite things about bouncing in the water:

  1. Bouncing in the water. It’s such low impact, and my joints feel no wear n’ tear!
  2. Moving in ways that my body doesn’t normally allow.
  3. The strength factor. Two classes in, and I’m using muscles that I didn’t even know existed – other than from Anatomy class.

Inside out counts









Beyond this is remember to eat well (every day), hydrate well, and utilize plant-based supplements that support the journey. Plants that I’ve fallen in love with include cacao and turmeric. Cacao because of all the fantastic phytonutrients (plant goodness), including magnesium and iron; turmeric in conjunction with other anti-inflammatory’s make this mama move-able. In an easeful way. Relief is my go-to for inflammation, on a daily basis. Cacao nibs are fantastic raw, and I eat them several times a week in smoothies, topping sunbutter rice cakes, and in homemade energy bars.

Jennifer Magnano is a Mindful Mama Yogi – powering up people, and changing lives with freedom, happiness, and health through yoga and plants. To join our online family visit www.facebook.com/mamogawellness or learn more about plant-based support products at http://www.simplebodybliss.com. Wishes of peace, love, and happiness from our home to yours!


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